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RELiON Battery - Powered by Carolina Energy Distributor's

RELiON – Powered By Carolina Energy Distributors

Continuing Our Dedication To Customer Service

IMG_6312RELiON, powered by Carolina Energy Distributors, is the best source for all of your lithium battery needs.

Since 1992, Carolina Energy Distributors have been serving the battery industry with products and top-notch customer service. RELiON is the next step in Carolina Energy Distributors’ dedication to innovation and powering their customers’ adventures. This new company, focused on lithium-ion distribution, was created to meet customers’ energy needs with a green product.

Since lithium-ion batteries are the new horizon for green energy, Carolina Energy Distributors are powering RELiON, the largest lithium-ion distributor in North America.

Find out more about RELiON and the partnership with Carolina Energy Distributors by contacting us today.